Founded in 2016, we are simply out to celebrate both style and geekdom. We, like many, found ourselves in a space where the clothes we wore did not reflect our passions. To make matters worse, the models in the media didn't look like us or weren't inclusive of the individuals in our communities. We knew we owed it to ourselves to change the landscape.


Located in Huntsville, AL, we got our start at local trade shows and conventions. From the traffic gathered around our displays, we noticed there might be a niche market for our passion in geeky streetwear and accessories.

 Multi-racial group of friends wearing Chic N Geeks apparel


Partnering with the best vendors and print on demand, we continue to push the envelope on delivering the best for our customers. After all, Chic N Geeks isn’t just a logo on a shirt, it’s not just a brand, it’s not even just a lifestyle; It’s all of the above, but most importantly it’s a community of amazing, supportive and passionate people who are redefining what it means to be “stylish.” Our clothing is only a vessel for a much larger picture we’re trying to paint; a picture painted by all those in it, together. This brand has been shaped entirely by the people you see wearing the products. It’s all about the people, not the product.


As we rely on the people, we also rely on the feedback. Reach out to us via our social media accounts and let us know how we are performing. We look forward to hearing and seeing your journey with us.


-  Chic N Geeks